The New Wife, by Sue Watson

šŸŽ§ Audiobook Review šŸŽ§

Sam is marrying his childhood sweetheart, Lauren. Having been close friends with her new daughter in law’s family since the two were in nursery school together, Georgie couldn’t be happier for the young couple. Everything feels perfect as her son and his wife begin married life together in their new cottage at the secluded edge of Dartmoor. Just weeks after the wedding, Lauren is found dead. Georgie is determined to prove her son’s innocence and find out what really happened on that fateful night, but the further she digs, the more she realises the people closest to her are hiding something and that Lauren had been keeping a dangerous secret.

This book is so good! It had me completely gripped and like all good psychological thrillers, everybody is acting suspicious and cannot be trusted, it was impossible for me to guess the killer – I went back and forth on so many characters and just when I thought the book was done with it’s shocking twists, it was not! The narration by Tamsin Kennard was really good.

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