Mushroom Botanical Art, by Toshimitsu Fukiharu

The best-selling book of Mushroom has came back in a luxury English edition!
This book is a collection of mushroom and fungi paintings by European and Japanese naturalists in 18th to 19th century. The paintings each show the plant in its habitat and have been executed in a straightforward natural history illustration style with meticulous attention to detail. Beautiful color plate illustrations of each mushroom will attract both botanical art fans and lover of mushrooms. It is pleasant to look and taste the beauty of these mushrooms, also useful for your own drawing and painting.

This book is gorgeous. It absolutely fascinates me that every piece of beautiful, botanical artwork predates photography. The amount of detail involved in each illustration is amazing, I find it so interesting that people relied on these images for scientific accuracy. I particularly love the Japanese illustrations, there’s something so lovely about the Japanese text around the pictures. This would make a gorgeous gift for fungi enthusiasts, or botanical artists, but I think anybody would find this book enjoyable.

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