The Witches of Willow Cove, by Josh Roberts

It’s not easy being a teenage witch. Seventh grader Abby Shepherd is just getting the hang of it when weird stuff starts happening all around her hometown of Willow Cove. Green slime bubbling to life in science class. Giant snakes slithering around the middle school gym. Her best friend suddenly keeping secrets and telling lies.

Things only begin to make sense when a stranger named Miss Winters reveals that Abby isn’t the only young witch in town—and that Willow Cove is home to a secret past that connects them all. Miss Winters, herself a witch, even offers to teach Abby and the others everything she knows about witchcraft.

But as Abby learns more about Miss Winters’ past, she begins to suspect her new mentor is keeping secrets of her own. Can Abby trust her, or does Miss Winters have something wicked planned for the young witches of Willow Cove?

This book was such a fun read! I love anything involving Salem and the Witchcraft trials, so this appealed to me straight away. It reminded me a little bit of The Craft but for a younger audience, with a sprinkle of Harry Potter; lots of charms, spells and riding broomsticks. If I had to sum up The Witches of Willow Cove in three words, they would be – exciting, mysterious, funny. I will definitely look out for more books by Josh Roberts.

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