Every Little Piece of My Heart, by Non Pratt

When Sophie receives a parcel from her best friend, Freya, she expects it to contain the reason why Freya left town so suddenly, without goodbyes and without explanation. Instead, she finds a letter addressed to Win, a girl Freya barely knew – or did she? As more letters arrive for more people on the periphery of Freya’s life, Sophie and Win begin to piece together who Freya was and why she left. Sometimes it’s not about who’s gone, but about who they leave behind.

My enjoyment of this book was based entirely on the characters, whom Non Pratt writes really well…the storyline, however, fell a bit flat for me. The friendships formed made for a cute story and some parts are actually quite funny, it just didn’t really feel like it went anywhere; the flashback scenes all seemed to be leading to some big reveal that never quite happened. I do like how diverse the book is and I love the way a non-binary character was portrayed, it was also nice to see some awareness of chronic illness.

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