What is Charlie Doing? By Joy Anna

You’re going to fall in love with Charlie, the Golden Doodle. He has human eyes, he is so big, he looks so cuddly, he has a man bun to keep his long bangs out of his eyes most of the time, and his hair is so soft and so FLUFFY, but wait, is that a red vest he is wearing? What does that vest Charlie is wearing stand for? Does that red color mean stop? What does that Red Vest tell everyone that sees it? What is Charlie doing?

This is the first book to teach children everywhere about Charlie and his job as a service dog. How much a service dog trains for his job. Why it is vital that children let the service animal do their job. Why they do not touch or distract them. Let the children everywhere fall in love with Charlie while they learn the very important lesson about the life-saving job of a service dog.

This book is just gorgeous, it tells the story of Charlie the service dog and all the incredible ways he helps his human with every day life. The story not only tells us how important Charlie’s job is, but that he is happy and loved. There’s an emphasis on how important it is not to approach a working dog, because their human’s life depends on having the dog’s whole attention. The illustrations in the book are beautiful, I love how What is Charlie Doing? is a collaboration between mum and son. It would have been nice if the author had mentioned why she uses a service dog.

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