How To Be A Rockstar, by Shaun Ryder

🎧 Audiobook Review 🎧

How To Be A Rockstar is like listening to an old friend tell you a very sweary story of their life and I enjoyed every second of it. Shaun shares a lot of background on his rise to fame with the Happy Mondays and Black Grape, he gives his version of the many controversial myths about himself and gives some solid advice and insight on what it’s like trying to make it in the music world – it’s honestly really interesting and Shaun’s way of telling it is hilarious. There are so many genuinely funny anecdotes, lots of fun name drops and I especially enjoyed hearing about his song writing process – I wonder if he’s ever considered that his ability to create and play back music so clearly in his mind could be attributed to his ADHD? (I have it too). I’m amongst the younger generation of fans, I don’t remember any of Shaun Ryder and his band’s wilder days so it was interesting to hear about it first hand. Would I have wanted to be a part of the ecstasy fueled entourage from back in the day? Absolutely not, but it’s a lot of fun to hear about. A lot of people know Shaun and Bez from reality shows like Gogglebox and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and might buy this book based on that and although they get a mention and there is an interview with them both at the end of the audiobook, this book is primarily about the musician side of Shaun’s life.

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