The Killer in the Snow, by Alex Pine

Book #2

🎧 Audiobook review 🎧

A family is found murdered in their old farmhouse at Christmas time. As if that’s not sinister enough, the crime undeniably echoes that of a similar scene that took place 20 years earlier in the exact same spot. DI James Walker doesn’t see how the two can be connected…or can they?

I enjoyed this a lot and found it easy to get into, a solid police procedural that kept me guessing with some unexpected twists – exactly what I wanted. So many people seemed to have a motive, I found it impossible to guess the killer and I don’t want to give anything away, but there are things about the old farmhouse that genuinely gave me the creeps. The Killer in the Snow is the second book in a series…didn’t realise this until I started listening, thankfully it didn’t matter that I hadn’t read the previous book and there’s actually a whole section at the end explaining a bit of the back story and some background on the detectives. Sid Sager narrated this brilliantly, he made it so easy to tell the characters apart.

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