The Second Marriage, by Jess Ryder

🎧 Audiobook review 🎧

They’re lying,’ my little stepson whispers, his blue eyes shining with tears as I tuck him into bed for the first time. ‘They think I’ve forgotten, but I remember everything. I know my mummy is still alive.’

Lily is newly wed to Edward in a whirlwind of a marriage which her best friend tried to warn her against, Edward is 15 years her senior and her friend thinks things are moving too fast. All Lily sees is a kind, loving man who adores her, why wait? It’s only when it comes to the day of her wedding that things start to fall apart – her wedding bouquet being placed on the grave of his first wife by Edward’s older, hostile daughters, then there’s the troubling things her little stepson says to her…could Noah’s mother still be alive? What does he remember that his father is trying to make him forget?

The Second Marriage is a fantastic mystery/psychological thriller, I loved this book! I was utterly engrossed – there were so many twists, it was impossible for me to guess the outcome. It’s one of those stories with a lot of edge of seat moments where I wanted to shout “what are you doing?!” at the main character, there are some really intense scenes! I found it very easy to get into and extremely hard to put down. Rosamund Hine narrated this so well, she really brought out the unease and suspense of the story.

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