The Secret Halloween Costume, by Sophie Vaillancourt

A Halloween story for little ones!

Charlotte is a young witch. For Halloween, her family insists she must wear her darkest clothes and scariest makeup. After all, a witch must be spooky! But Charlotte doesn’t want to follow tradition – she wants to wear something that reflects who she is. She asks her grandmother to sew her a secret costume… But what will it be?

The Secret Halloween Costume is a really sweet story that, encourages children to be themselves and to have the confidence to not follow the crowd if they don’t want to. Being different is great and I love how much this book emphasises that. Charlotte’s secret Halloween costume was a very well kept secret, nobody in our house guessed what it would be. The book is a nice length that can be read in one go (but would also be fine to read in parts) and the illustrations are really gorgeous – the kind where you spot something new every time you look at them.

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