Bring Her Home, by S.A. Dunphy

Boyle and Keneally book #1

🎧 Audiobook review 🎧

She had taken only one step towards the hotel when she heard the car door opening, and then something had her by the shoulders in a grip like steel. Penny tried to fight, but it was no good. The last thing she heard as consciousness drifted away was the whisper of a familiar song…

On a cold night in October a pretty, blonde girl named Penny O’Dwyer is snatched from the quiet main street of a small, coastal town in the west of Ireland. No one saw anything, and a desperate search leads nowhere… Until her abductor sends a video declaring Penny only has ten days to live and a deadly countdown begins.

Criminal behaviourist Jessie Boyle hoped never to work a case in Ireland again. But when her career in London is cut short by a brutal tragedy, she returns to her homeland to grieve – only for her oldest friend to call in a long overdue debt. ‘Help us catch this monster and bring Penny home. We need you, Jessie.’

Throwing herself into the investigation, Jessie makes a chilling discovery: Penny wasn’t the first girl to be taken. As her team find more missing women, she becomes convinced that a serial killer has been hiding in plain sight for years. Nothing seems to tie the victims together, until Jessie realises that that each abduction site is linked to the old Irish myths she read as a child.

Time is running out for Penny, and Jessie’s only hope is to understand the killer’s twisted logic. But he is closer than she imagined… and Jessie is next in his sights. Will she risk everything to save an innocent life?

Bring Her Home was such a fantastic read, I can’t say enough good things about it! Set in Ireland, the story starts with the abduction of a high profile politician’s daughter and the race against time to find her. With very few leads and only a sinister video to go on, Criminal Behaviourist Jessie Boyle is brought in to help Detective Seamus Keneally, with the two of them aided by Genealogist, Terri Keogh. The investigation sends the team down a murky rabbit hole of serial killers, criminal gangs, Irish Folklore and mythology. This story is everything I love about a really good crime drama – the perfect combination of menacing characters, not knowing who to trust and the absolute best chemistry between the main characters. The book is well written and perfectly paced, it is by far my favourite book of the year and I can’t wait for the next installment. I have to add that the audiobook narration was spectacular, Shelley Atkinson is so good.

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