Forever Summer, by Jenny Oliver

Chelsea High #2

Summer term and the heat is rising …

It’s summer term at Chelsea High, the most exclusive school in town! The weeks ahead are filled with glamorous events – including a variety show AND a trip to a tropical island! But a shock revelation has new girl Norah Whittaker rethinking everything she thought she knew about herself. With family, friendship and romance up in the air, studying at Chelsea High is NEVER straightforward!

Forever Summer is the drama I had no idea I needed in my life…I have 100% been reading this book when I was supposed to be doing other things and now I’m craving a third book. I love a good story that involves standing up to bullies, but Forever Summer is so much more than that. It’s a really good high school/family drama that takes a good look into the complexities of relationships. It’s set in and around central London and makes me feel nostalgic for a place I’ve never lived, I really enjoyed the vivid descriptions of London. If you haven’t read book one (Chelsea High), I honestly would read that first, because so much has already happened in Norah’s story with both her family and school way before everything takes a huge swerve in this one and it’s good to be properly introduced to the characters.

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